About us

The Linen Lab is a leading linen fabric producer based in Seoul, South Korea, established in 1987 as Lino. We supply high-quality fabrics to the local Korean market as well as the international market.

Our unique linen fabrics are the result of test production projects and customized orders from well-known Korean brands. These fabrics are not mass-produced and are generally made in relatively small quantities. Once a design sells out, it may not be produced again, which makes our fabrics exclusive and not found on other websites.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we are also dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility in our production processes. We prioritize eco-friendly materials and production methods, minimize waste, and aim to reduce our environmental impact. Furthermore, we prioritize fair labor practices and ethical treatment of our workers.

Our focus on sustainability and social responsibility sets us apart from other linen fabric producers. We are proud of our efforts to contribute to a more sustainable future while providing high-quality and exclusive fabrics to our customers.

Founded in

The Linen Lab, a prominent linen fabric producer headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, boasts a remarkable history dating back to 1987 when it was first established under the name Lino.

Our Founder
Mr.Bongjo ahn

The Linen Lab's story began with our founder, Mr. Bongjo Ahn, who spent 25 years working in spinning and weaving mills. Recognizing the immense potential of the high-quality linen fabric industry, he embarked on a journey to establish our company.

Now, after four decades, Mr. Ahn remains a guiding force in our office, maintaining his rightful position. His unwavering commitment and expertise have played a crucial role in propelling The Linen Lab to prominence in the industry. We are inspired by his enduring legacy and strive to uphold the standards of excellence and innovation he established.


Before preparing warps, we undertake the crucial step of dividing yarns into numerous cones. This process involves receiving the yarn and subsequently separating it into multiple smaller cones. This division ensures efficient and organized handling of the yarn during the subsequent stages of warp preparation.


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fabric mending

We understand that weaving linen can be challenging, and as a result, greige fabric may have defects. We prioritize the meticulous mending of these defects during and after the weaving process. Our skilled artisans carefully address any imperfections that arise while weaving, and we also conduct a final round of mending once the fabric production is complete. These diligent steps showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional quality linen fabrics to our customers. Our goal is to ensure that each piece meets our rigorous standards before it leaves our facility.