The Linen Lab

South Korea based linen manufacturer.

We have produced high quality linen fabrics since 1987.

Get the same quality as European textile at a lower cost to you!

Site Launching in 2022

Thank you so much for supporting our business since 2022 October.

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Linen Fabric since 1987

High quality textiles with an affordable price.

These textiles are generally produced in relatively small quantities.

Most of our fabric is the result of test production projects and customized orders from well known Korean brands.

You will find our textiles to be comparable to the best quality European produced textiles. 

  • Shirring Summer Dress

    This photo review was sent by a customer on 2022, March 31. This fabric is one of the most popular item. The first color with this pattern was developed for a Korean local fashion brand in 2018. More colorways were developed and added later on. It is our signiture fabric.

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  • Table Covers

    Simple and natural. That would be the best way to describe this table.

    Thank you for the photo, sent on 2022, Apr 18, by a Korean customer.

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  • Simple Curtains

    It is always amazing to see how our fabrics can be used to create something new. This photo review was sent on 2021, Apr 19.

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  • Linen Bag

    This fabric was developed for a Korean fashion brand in 2011. Since then, it has been loved by many customers. This is a photo from a Korean blogger. We are always happy to meet creative people.

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