Plaid & check

Discover our fabric collections with plaid and check patterns. Versatile and timeless, these fabrics effortlessly enhance your style. From casual to formal wear, explore the variety in our collection for enduring patterns that suit any occasion.


Explore our Stripe Pattern Fabric Collections, featuring classic and versatile patterns for various looks. Suitable for both casual and formal attire, these fabrics offer a timeless touch to your wardrobe without unnecessary embellishments. Discover the straightforward charm of stripes for everyday style.


Discover our Solid Color Fabric Collections. Ideal for crafting a variety of pieces, these fabrics offer a simple and classic aesthetic, making them suitable for any occasion.

Delave & Melange

Delave yarn refers to yarn that has been intentionally dyed in a way that creates an uneven or mottled color effect. This gives the yarn a vintage or weathered appearance, making it popular for creating a unique and rustic look in textiles and fashion.

Melange yarn is made by blending fibers of different colors before spinning, resulting in a yarn with a heathered or speckled look. This type of yarn is popular for adding a subtle and visually interesting texture to textiles and clothing.

Two Tone Effect

Fabrics featuring a mix of two colors, created through weaving or dyeing. These fabrics add charm to clothing, upholstery, and textiles, offering stylish and eye-catching options for your creative projects.


Printed fabric collections offer a range of textiles with different patterns. These fabrics are created with various printing techniques, adding style to clothes, home items, and other projects. Explore these collections for diverse and attractive options to suit your design preferences.